Gallery stories.

CSR Kivuli 14th Anniversary.
  1. Smoothtel Team interacts with children in an indoor session held in Kivuli Centre.
  2. Smoothtel’s’ C.E.O Raphael Mwangi hands in a gifts children at Kivuli center during the 14th Anniversary CSR event.
  3. Team poses for a group photo during a CSR event at Kivuli Centre.
ELMO partner visit.
  1. Smoothtel’s International business partners, Mr. Shinji Asano and Mohamed Tariq at the KICD (Kenya curriculum development) during a partner tour in the Country.
  2. Smoothtel team and ELMO business partners pose for a photograph during their partner visit at National Curriculum Innovation Centre in Nairobi.
Bosch Certification.
  1. A team member is awarded a certificate of completion for training on Bosch products.
  2. Team members display their certificates of completion on a BOSCH training course.
KPSA Mombasa.
  1. School Delegates conference in a Smoothtel sponsorship event that was held in Mombasa by KPSA (Kenya private schools association).
  2. A Fascinated crowd learns about education solutions offered by Smoothtel at the KPSA event in Mombasa.
Sophos Sankara.
  1. Our partners pose for a group photo during a Sophos Partner Business breakfast held at Sankara Hotel in Nairobi.
  2. Web Securities manager briefs the crowd on various products and solutions offered by Smoothtel.
Nairobi Hospital.
  1. Smoothtel Marketing Officer presents a sponsorship cheque to the Nairobi Hospital C.E.O Mr. Gordon Odundo and Medical Director, Ravindra Bowry towards the hospital’s Children’s Heart Fund.
  2. The Nairobi Hospital C.E.O, Mr. Gordon Odundo gives a speech during a recent sponsorship event.